The Best WordPress Themes to Boost Speed

Remember the days of dial-up internet, when every web page would take thirty seconds or a minute to fully load?

You’d catch the header, first, and then the subtitles, and finally the images and content. Meanwhile, you’d sip your coffee, tap your foot impatiently, and jab at the keyboard screaming, “Come on, already!!!!”

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Well, gone are those days (thankfully!)

Nowadays, technology like Google Fiber allows web pages to load in milliseconds, and our smartphones even allow data to be “pushed” to us – meaning we don’t demand content, rather, it demands us.

Yet even with record-speed internet connections, some websites and blogs are just…slow. Like, circa 1995 slow. And when you’re a business owner trying to sell your product or service, a slow site is the quickest way to lose potential customers.

Ironic, right?

If you’re a WordPress user, read on. Below we discuss the best WordPress themes to ensure that your strategically-designed website loads quickly.

Which means that you can start cashing in on sales ASAP.


It’s the top-selling WordPress theme of all time, and for good reason: faster than 87% of sites tested in one study, it loads in an average of 1.7 seconds.

Avada is versatile, too. It has a builder tool to design custom layouts and supports e-commerce tools and social media extensions. This makes Avada a great pick for a variety of niche businesses and industries. Lawnmower servicing, anyone?

The theme is also clean-looking and downloading the template is easy and straightforward.

What’s not to love?


Despite it’s enormous list of custom design options (more than 250!), Soledad websites load in no time at all.

Soledad is so quick that it’s a popular option in certain countries where internet speeds are still relatively slow. The behind-the-scenes code is easy on internet servers, which drives the strong speed performance.

And with so many design options (like sidebars and slide combinations,) there’s no chance your site will look anything like the next guys.

MH Magazine

This theme is fast and SEO-optimized already, making it one of the best WordPress themes on the market. If you’re looking for strong search engine hits, MH Magazine may be for you.

It has an average load time of 2.18 seconds and is designed to support content-heavy layouts (hence the SEO optimization.)

The theme also offers a dozen demos so that no matter your industry or niche, you can get a good feel for what your site may look like if you opt for the NH Magazine theme.


Designed for the business owner who wants viral exposure. And no, we don’t mean the flu virus.

This WordPress theme loads in an average of 680 milliseconds. That’s like, the same amount of time it takes you to read a single word. Believe us: it’s quick.

This theme is designed with millennial customers in mind, and every single widget aims to serve one goal: get a click (i.e convert!)

There are countless social media sharing buttons, too, so your customers can get the word out to their friends in no time at all.


The Divi WordPress theme is particularly visually-appealing. Yet despite it’s stunning imagery options, the easy-to-use page builder allows you to drag-and-drop content and images. If you’re not a master coder, that should be news to your ears.

It’s versatility makes Divi a great pick for all websites (like e-commerce or news sites) as well as blogs.

The average load time for Divi leaves little to be desired, too: 1.22 seconds. That’s well under the 3-second goal: studies show that 47% of users will abandon a site if it takes more than 3 seconds to load.


This WordPress theme supports the WooCommerce plugin, making it a popular option for a web page supporting online shopping and e-commerce.

And despite a quick load time of 1.14 seconds, H-Code has loads of templates to choose from that include features like site maps, search bars, and testimonials.

It’s clean-looking too, drawing attention to what matters most: your product or service. The last thing you need is a bunch of fluff distracting your customers.


One of the biggest challenges for a heavy photo- and video-content web pages is speed. Zoomy set out to meet that need and with a load time of 3.3 seconds, they’ve done a stellar job.

The site is designed to display your stunning, high-res pictures and videos. This would be ideal for a photography website, but it also serves well for photo-heavy product advertising.


This WordPress theme has adaptability in mind: with more than a hundred ready-to-use templates, you can easily drop your web page content into the perfect template.

The variety of templates also make Pillar a suitable option for a variety of businesses and industries, including e-commerce, wedding websites, photography portfolios, and much more.

Pillar loads in an average of 1.40 seconds, making it faster than 82% of other sites.


Like the name says, CheerUp is clean, intuitive, and fun.

Providing more than 200 design layouts, you’re guaranteed to find an option that works best to market your business product or service. This layout also supports the WooCommerce plugin so you can ramp up your e-commerce platforms.

And, your customers can share your site easily on their social networks due to the variety of social media interfaces building into CheerUp.

There’s more than one thing to cheer about with this WordPress theme!

So What are the Best WordPress Themes Out There?

Well, it depends on your needs. We’ve only scratched the surface in listing a handful of the best WordPress themes above, but start with your core content.

Is your web page text-heavy and you’re hoping for strong search engine hits and SEO optimization? Or are you running an e-commerce site and need easy-to-use shopping platforms? Or are you wanting to display a photography portfolio to entice customers?

Whatever the case, your web page needs to be designed accordingly, and it needs to load quickly.

Your business web page is an investment, and it’s worth doing well. Contact us today to help with choosing from the best WordPress themes, designing your website, and more.

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